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The Canadian Federation of University Women / Sarnia Lambton




"... For all women holding degrees from an approved college or university recognized by the Committee of Standards of the International Federation of University Women" ... Constitution


Who we are:


We are a member club of CFUW, the Canadian Federation of University Women and of GWI, Graduate Women International. Our purpose is to foster and encourage continuing education in our community. Each year we give awards and bursaries to high-ranking and deserving students who are proceeding to higher education.


We are a caring, involved, and fun-loving group, including women from all backgrounds and professions, who enjoy the stimulation of each others' company, and of the speakers and programmes we sponsor. Many of our members are active in businesses and politics in our community: we learn from each other and support each other. Our general meetings include a wide variety of speakers or panels discussing topics of local, national, and international interest. At least two of these meetings are open to the community. We also enjoy dinner meetings and entertainment just for fun.


Many of us enjoy getting together in our interest groups to discuss all sorts of issues, to invest our money, to enjoy games, book discussions, to learn new cooking techniques, and to share lunches and gourmet meals.


If you are a graduate or student of a recognized university or college, we invite you to join us. We normally meet at deGroots' green room, 1840 London Line, Sarnia, the fourth Tuesday of the month, at 2:00. Please contact us at 542-3339 or 491-0656 if you plan to attend or if you wish further information!










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